Piling Contractors’ commitment to minimising our environmental impact is being realised as we strive to exceed industry standards.

Environmental managementOur Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System are based on ISO 14001:2004 standard. They aim to identify and monitor construction processes and implement control measures to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.

Site specific environmental management plans are prepared for projects and control measures are put in place to minimise dust, noise and air pollution.

Other initiatives such as materials recycling and the use of low emission and organic oils are also employed. Every effort is taken to safeguard terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna and no work is undertaken in potentially sensitive areas until appropriate permits are obtained. Even then, great care is taken to minimise any disturbance in the construction area.


As a matter of course, marine or river works include the use of measures such as floating booms, biodegradable oils, mobile spoil bins and silt curtains to minimise the impact of our works.

When appropriate, we can provide a full scale treatment plant to handle polluted groundwater, and we have developed an innovative groundwater level monitoring system to further reduce environmental impact.

We apply risk assessment and mitigation processes to our Environment Management Plan, indexing applicable issues in an Environmental section of our Risk Register prior to project commencement.

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