At Piling Contractors, technical excellence is not achieved by accident. It is part of our culture and the result of a commitment at every level of the organization.

Innovation implementationWe are leading innovators in the industry and regularly demonstrate our combination of experience and innovation through the delivery of important and technically challenging projects.

We are committed to seeking and implementing innovation in both design and delivery. This is achieved in several ways including regular information exchange between group companies worldwide so that new developments in one area of the world can rapidly be applied wherever it may be suitable.

We also seek new applications for our techniques in growing markets such as wind and solar farms.

Our recent innovations include use of cluster hammer drills for drilling rock sockets in 250 – 350 MPa  rock, and the development of a full strength mechanical pile joint for prestressed concrete piles.

Recently Piling Contractors has begun developing and testing the use of a rig mounted driven pile monitoring system, a first in Australia. We use a Jean Lutz “Dialogue” equipment fitted to our P&H550 crane operating with a BSP CX110 hammer. The system has a laser mounted on the base of the rig mast which measures the pile penetration per blow. The software for this application is being tested and adjusted to separate out the initial blow from hammer rebound blows. The hammer drop height will also be recorded and from that the input energy is calculated. Once fully tested this system will produce a printed record for every pile similar to that widely used for CFA piling. 

We have also recently introduced use of the Trimble Global Positioning by Satelite (GPS) to some of our driven rigs in order to improve pile location tolerances and have installed a “Wiggins” remote fuel and oils loading system to some rigs to minimize risks from spillage during refueling.