SAFETY, QUALITY, CAPACITY AND TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE.  These are the foundation values that Piling Contractors embraces.

We have a history of involvement with some of Australia’s most challenging foundation construction projects including Brisbane’s Airport Link, desalination plants and mine infrastructure projects in remote locations.

We have a team of close to 200 people.  We are always interested in receiving CV’s from the following occupations:

  • Project Managers or Project Engineers with piling experience
  • Estimators/Designers with piling experience
  • Piling Foreman/Supervisors
  • Crane/drill rig operators with experience in crawler cranes and drilling rigs such as Bauer, Casagrande and Mait
  • Doggers and Riggers (with piling or construction experience)
  • Labourers (with piling or construction experience)
  • Trade Qualified Boilermakers and Fitters especially those with piling rigs or heavy crane experience


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