Mine Fill

Mine Fill Process

Piling Contractors in Joint venture with Keller Ground Engineering offer mine void filling operations using specially developed plant and processes. We have completed both small and large projects ranging from 450 to 200,000 m3 of grout placed Recent projects include mine fill for the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Project between Dinmore and Goodna in Brisbane (Origin Alliance D2G Project) and for the Hunter Expressway Alliance in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Please visit our dedicated website www.kellerminefill.com.au for technical details of the process, animations and video about this process.

The mine voids that were filled had widely differing characteristics including:

  • Methane filled
  • Water filled
  • Structurally sensitive to mine water level reduction
  • Environmentally sensitive to groundwater rise and chemical contamination
  • Potential for a sudden catastrophic collapse to the point where methane expulsion could have been deadly (the gas in these mines was made inert with nitrogen and purged of methane as a part of our scope of works)
  • Fractured rock requiring the use of duplex drilling techniques
  • Mines too sensitive to drill from immediately above such that raked drilling at up to 25 degrees was required
  • No map nor known boundary locations
  • Maps with very inaccurate detail
  • Mines with fully or partially collapsed voids
  • Double level voids
  • Mines with voids as small at 700mm and mines with voids as high as 8m
  • Steel roof straps and rock anchors
  • Mines requiring barrier walls at boundaries
  • Mines where tight grid drilling was cost prohibitive so detailed mapping and target drilling were employed to reduce quantities of drilling required.