Pile rig instrumentation is used for CFA piles, displacement columns and controlled stiffness columns, since these techniques do not allow inspection of an open hole to verify the soil parameters. Piling Contractors operates two different instrumentation systems, depending on the rig type and manufacturer. These instrumentation systems provide critical information to ensure that piles are soundly constructed.

Our Bauer drill ring rigs use the Bauer "B-tronic" system

  • This is pre-installed in all Bauer rigs – CFA, CSC, displacement and conventional bored piles can be monitored using a very user friendly touch screen
  • Monitoring data can be displayed in “time” or “depth” profile
  • Hydraulic pressure and engine data from the drill rig are monitored
  • Remote data transfer to an office and real time monitoring from the office are possible
  • An automatic "drill assistant" and "concrete assistant" can be activated to alert when the equipment moves outside pre set operating parameters
  • Concrete volume during placement is recorded in 200mm intervals
  • One external sensor attached to the top of the mast (concrete pressure), all other sensors integrated into the rig

Our other drilling rigs use the Jean Lutz system which monitors CFA piles CSC's and displacement columns

  • Measures piling related information and data
  • Remote data transfer to office and real time monitoring from the office are possible
  • Monitoring data is displayed in depth profile
  • Some external sensors have to be installed to the piling rigs

Pile driving monitor

Piling Contractors has adopted the use of a remote Pile Driving Monitor. Firstly the PDM plot of the data for a pile is compared against a PDA plot for the same pile (i.e. the representative pile is fully monitored by PDM and PDA during driving of the top section of the pile (e.g. after the pile has been spliced). The velocity trace of each blow is plotted for a visual check of the integrity of the pile.
This is a powerful tool however requires time input spent on creating these graphs. A data connection from site to office is needed for data transfer, otherwise data analysis personnel need to be at site. This PDM process is recommended for piles where the designed set could not be achieved (excluding friction piles) and/or where there are concerns about pile integrity by the team.

  • Accurate and neat presentation of the set graph.
  • Capable of estimating pile capacity once data (DMX and EMX) obtained from PDA representative pile have been inputted for the pile group.
  • True records to support data giving peace of mind for Foreman and Client.
  • The PDM needs to be situated at least 10 m away from the pile being driven and hence is not recommended for tight sites.