Marine & False Work

Marine & False Work

On bridge infrastructure projects and where difficult ground condition are present at the approaches to bridge structures, there has been a need to provide temporary false work structures for both the installation of piled foundations and for subsequent use by the main contractor for ongoing superstructure works up to and including placing of bridge deck units.

Piling Contractors has developed a range of false work systems to more effectively meet client’s specific project requirements. Our range of false work has been designed to accommodate typical loadings, including drill rigs, crawler cranes, mobile cranes, excavators, dump trucks, concrete boom pumps, Super T beam delivery vehicles etc.

Significant projects undertaken by Piling Contractors requiring false work, where both substructure and superstructure works have been carried out from our false work include:

• North South Bypass Tunnel
• Hale Street Bridge
• Townsville Port Access Road
• St. Lawrence Rail Bridge
• Karara

Our range of false work available is as follows:

  • 100t Capacity: 25 x 13.5m Spans – 335 Lineal Metres
  • 150t Capacity: 15 x 12m Spans – 180 Lineal Metres
  • 300t Capacity: 16 x 8.8m spans – 140 Lineal Metres

In addition to piling from false work, we are experienced at working from barges in river or near shore. We have installed bored piles, prestressed concrete piles, driven steel tubes and driven steel sheets from barges and from false work.